Last week, I got a valuable opportunity to travel to Pamotan, to be exact at SMA N 1 Pamotan as a batik instructor. Initially Mr. Suhadi, the school's sociology teacher surveyed Pekalongan to see how the process of making printed batik. So far only written batik has been developed into an entrepreneurship program in Pamotan 1 High School. 

Proses Batik Cap

I went there with my husband, child and one employee, we used to call him Abah. The first day, Sunday, went straight to the batik laboratory, to put a stamp table. Until the night and one table was installed, several children joined in and tried to apply the canting stamp to the cloth. That night we stayed at Baiti homestay, precisely in Lasem. 

Proses "Nyolet"

 Persiapan meja Cap

 Proses "Nglorod"

Proses Penjemuran

The first day, the enthusiasm of Pamotan students was truly extraordinary. They began to practice making batik directly on a piece of cloth. Each class gets an assignment to make batik, including tablecloths, carrying jars, bags, wall hangings and much more. Unexpectedly, they could quickly learn the cap batik technique. Furthermore, female students coloring batik with "colet" technique. Not feel the four days there and the last day can already be seen their work. I as an instructor from the beginning did have a commitment before going home there must be work produced. This means that I have to accompany starting from arranging the Cap table, making batik cap techniques, coloring to "nglorod", which is boiling batik cloth in a large saucepan to remove the sticking wax liquid. Thank you for High School 1 Pamotan, for the students, you are amazing.


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